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Iron Set for beginners


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I'm suggesting to downgrade IN to +2 and upgrade IB to +2. Since introducing Draki Pendant, IN is not much useful for some classes so downgrading it is not gonna hurt but it could give it some value and maybe that will encourage some players to kill those annoying Snake Queens in RLB for compounding purposes. Also beginners could benefit from an stronger belt since Iron Belt is so common among classes.

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4 hours ago, Aesteris said:

Correct me if I'm wrong but IB's are currently still valuable, I think your suggestion would screw with that a fair bit (not to mention IN can't possibly be worth anything with Draki's out there as readily available as it is)

it won't affect IB's price, I'm suggesting to upgrade IB to +2, not +3 so still people will buy IB at the same price to compound to +3


19 hours ago, ImmortalOne said:

since draki A.S.D (str) and even D.S.D (dex)  is better, IN is useless here

and you can get draki from merchant in 2 hours of playing (new players)

IN will never get any value on this server

since when A.S.D is better? You'd rather have lower STR and HP for Jamadar def on a warrior who can shield up and gain +2.5k def? At least compare it to S.S.D

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From what ive seen and know IN is a farm item  shouldnt be made worthless in game  when Draki anyone can farm and make with starter items ...

When up against a sin party yes Draki is 100% better but when up against all other classes then  IN can be a great item  everyone gets for free.. For some classes IN can be a better choice ..

If Keeping free IN +3  at lest remove it from the drop list and replace with something can be used a Clean Draki neck to make or a Draki S   neck .

At lest item ppl can use and able to sell     and can then start so shoot the market down on a new item 

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