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PUS Discount Summer Jam Sale Event!?[Poll]


Would you like to see items(or just KC) in the Power-up-Store at a discounted price?  

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I truly believe that this event could attract newer players and help dig out the older players from the graveyard. Why? Well! It's summer time! I myself have a lot of free time now and I would love to show my support to the server by donating some more and buying nts, class changes, valks, pathos, wings, NCS, Hell even a gender change (It's summer time baby!) would really change up the feel in game for me especially knowing I'm getting it at a discounted price!? Not to mention Count recovery and Clan Name Change scrolls to help create some new opportunity to some.


Being very considerate here. My opinion.

30% off all PUS items and up to 15% off on all Knight Cash. That way players aren't abusing the sale to much and it effecting the market by stocking up on items and waiting for sale to be over to flip it... Just so it doesn't get out of hand to much.

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2 hours ago, Marshmallow said:

You already answered it, "A discount could make things slightly unfair, once the sale is over."


I mean a 30% discount off all items isn't bad. I mean what are people going to do buy trinas for 143 kc, stock and try to sell in game when sale is over? Trinas are worth 4gb that's equivalent to 100kc. As for the other items in the PUS it's a horrible flip. 30% off anything in PUS would'nt be so bad it still supports the server. It's a viable option, as are the others.

Lets see some more votes!

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We need new events to attract players. I doubt 30% off will do it. Hell even go ahead and advertise free PUS items for one month, still doubt it's gonna make a difference. We need new events that last longer than ultima felo. For past several months, not once a GM done any events. They log in game say hello and exit. that's it. But I think we should have more patience, they're planning something big for sure :D

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