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A suggestion. :D!


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goo day to all,

As a suggestion should improve the drops of the medals. nowadaysthe server is already advanced and i think it would be good if the medals that you change by nps could drop Apex point 100, felankor chest, tears, trina, pathos for 3 or 5 days, wings anything  to insentiate the market or the pk.


it is a humble suggestion, i hope i can contribute something to improve things. i hope this  does no affect the servers economy.



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I really like the thoughts you put into this! I will comment if you don't mind me doing so about how I feel about your ideas. Well, the first thing I instantly noticed was Apex KC. I honestly feel as if the server would lose really, it's only source of income from the PUS if this was to happen. But, a low % chance would be cool so players in a way wouldn't expect it and if they do so happen to be that 1-5 percentile that would be something that person has earned for being active in CZ OR just luck of the RNG gods. As for the Felenkor's chest. I believe that it is already easy enough obtained during weekly quests. The tears are extremely easy to get as well. No point buying tears in PUS as it is ? when you can just get them from winning a bdw. Again extremely easy to obtain for anyone. Now the wings,valk and pathos would be pretty cool for players who can't afford to buy PUS items like a 7 day voucher package including Pathos, PUS armor package hell even spice it up and throw a custom item similar to the PUS 5k quantity MP,HP potions and just lowered the down to 500 each and make them have a 20% chance and can't be tradedl. It's really the little ideas such as yours that are awesome and people tend to overthink how useful these little things could be to a player who is active in CZ. Now, not even daily make them weekly if so, just up the chances. I like it! Liked @ferni144

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