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Castle war


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Hi, everyone.
This is Gaeko in player clan.
As we all know, we are Clan of Koreans.
We have a suggestion about the Castle War.
Since the apexko server always starts the castle war on Monday at 3 a.m. (Korea time), our player clan can not participate. 
Because it is too late for us Koreans. At that time, we are going to sleep for work on Monday.
It would be great if you could control the timing of the castle war a little bit.
 (ex. Saturday evening 10:00 to 12:00 or Sunday evening 10:00 to 12:00)
I ask you to activate the caw of apexko server and many Koreans.
Ps. Korean time is + 6 hours by Turkish time. 
Sorry for my little English!

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actually agree not fair for koreans . and kinda bored to see always 4 or 5 party of just turk clans keeping castle because theres not more players around to fight it.

for me must to be :

make twice by week CSW saturday and wednesday. and make just 1 party winer every time the last party who ks crystal will keep it.

kinda bored to see how big clans in private server can handle castle for so long. including me i was for long time on other server doing that but after abit its just bored as hell because theres not challenge at all.

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its same for alot of us   i miss every war   csw  utc as they are all on at sleep hours or work hours   0 events  in afternoons for us here..


In my time zone suitable for events without sitting up all night or missing work/school   we have   1 BDW  1 Chaos  and 1 ED rest of the times are early morning or late night between midnight to 6 am then rest during work hours.

Be nice for 1 major event in  time zones to suit everyone not just the select few in the most wanted  time zones

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I am very sympathetic to the above article.
It's been over a month since our clan started playing at Apex-koserver.
I would like to have a chance to enjoy a little more fun even for foreign servers.
If you think about the Korean users of the management team, more Korean users will come.
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There was already topics about this request and i didnt see any interesting from staff apexko to make changes. GL for that guys . i really hope they change something will be much interesting to see another clans instead the same 40 players on 1 clan :s

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There are many koreans/chinese guys who left from apexko cuz of this timezone problems. You guys should care them as well. Even in USKO, there are three times war in a day. I joined last 4-5 CSW and i didn't get any fun till now. 3-4 party vs 1 party most of times. I didn't see any CrazyTime/PLAYER clan members in the CSW. And this CrazyTime clan is first in the rank. And this PLAYER clan is most active players at their timezone. But i don't think they get fun in Apexko.And I don't want to see them while leaving from ApexKO. 
@Aesteris @twostars

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