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What about the perfect balance in apex?


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hello everyone,

so i noticed that alot of humans changed nation to karus again. (like they did 4days ago)

why are we making nt so cheap. because i hear so many complaining about apex getting boring.

the main reason is that people transfer like 2ce a week which is destroying the server's balance between human/karus.

Is there getting worked on to figure out how to get the balance back? because im not realy enjoying right now.

perfect example, ultima have like 8 karus partys and the humans do maybe have like 4-5.

hope something will change soon, i made my anouncement thank u.


Greets, ChomedyNymeria

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5 hours ago, MyBerserker said:

How about if you NT you can't take the Ultima or Felankor quests for x amount of days. PK related quests could remain unchanged

This is a neat suggestion, we’ll add it to the list of considerations.

Thank you!

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