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More farm spots.


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You should really add couple of things (to cz 1st and possible to other places too but in that case with a significantly lower drop rate), there is literally nothing to do aside from CZ Cardinals (which is enough at decent speed for like 4 people max) and mining + fishing.


Ye, you can do stone golems etc for Iron bows, raptors and such a things, but what would be needed is soloable things like Cardinal dropping similar things (BUS, and plenty of weapons that can be NPCed for 300k etc) as cardinal but on more spots.  



Could also add scrolls like BES (the one that cost ~4m coin at anvil), and blessed dex, str, etc scs into these kinda mobs so there would be things to NPC as well as people wouldn't have to buy Bes for 4m everytime they wanna upgrade a unique item.

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actually I agree , there is nothing more to do that fishin/minin/farmin cardinals/ killin aoc

maybe set some other spot where can farm something else  for example low droprate trina  from some kind of mobs, make somethin more entertaining

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if it is overlooked why everything is still the same, just nerfed fishin after ode dude got full geared items xd


overlook means "fail to see or notice" not that was revised over and over. This was noticed by players, posted several times and it was up to admins to make some changes.

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