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GM Read this PLEASE !!!!


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hello friends .. I have four important doubts .. 1- why blood serker and beast are not fast drop the bus? you have to kill 10-12 so
I can throw you 1 bless upgrade scroll .. I think you have lowered the rate .. 2- why is the anvil so difficult to upgrade? .. it is very difficult to upload the level items ..
please check that .. I know people who wanted to try to play apexko but for the upgrade they went to another server .. 3- when will they give us a solution with the cubed problem of the magicians? when 2 or 3 magicians enter with cubed
people do not want to be in cz ... we need active gms .. they are never seen online 4- the drop of apexis chest .. of 20 chest gives you 2 or 3 weapons sweet kiss or undefeatable ..
the same happens with the ultima and felancor that give us cheap items, why do we need dragon scale? bad drop bro

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1- buss rate is ok. If the rate was higher, there wouldn't be a buss farm to make gbs.
2- Anvil is anvil. It should be harder so with this high drop rates the most gg weapons are still rare in merchant.It does make server light-farm not ONLY PK.
3- They can't touch class' skills. I hate divide armor/rush/pull/any stun, slow things but they shouldn't be cared. Ice mage is almost weakest class in this game. A geared sin can send him to hell in a sec.So it has only a skill to make good job.
4- There are too many alternative ways to farm kro weapons. Did you try farming small bosses in cz? I tried it and it's a good drop rates and no kser at all. Bad drop makes merchant available. If i can get that trina easy, why do i pay 6-7gb for it to you? Or if i can farm 7-8 kro weapons very easy, why do i pay these gbs for them? If i don't buy anything, why do i farm a gb? If you force everyone to buy kc from PUS, then with this greedy idea, you lose everyone who played here. Keep farming smth or burning smth. It's quite fun.

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  • English Game Master

1 & 2. We didn’t change either the drop rates or upgrade rates, my guess on this is you’re just unlucky. ?

(4.) And as dominiccc said, it can’t be too easy to farm and upgrade to maintain a healthy market, which is what we want and not a ”free item pure pk server”.

3. The mage cube bug is already fixed and will be applied next restart, which should be very soon.

And about active gms, we’re all here on the forum or ingame almost every day. Sometimes we announce we’re online and sometimes we don’t. If you can’t catch any of us ingame you’re very welcome to send us a pm and i guarantee you we will reply very fast. :)

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