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CSW? not even on official like apexko.


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Hey there, yesterday i log to pk abit and went csw event to make some funny pk but once again as usuall since server open there was no pk and no challenge?? Or thats at least privete servers supposed to give?? 

There was 1 big clan with 3 partys + ally clan with sane ammount of players?? Something like all 1 nation in 1 clan ?? Lmao.. 

Thats 1 reason why theres always so many players changing nation everytime 1 big clan move just to join / leech rewards?? No sense al all to pk or enjoy csw on apexko. 

Why dont u guys just give the reward for 1 party only the last Who ks crystal?? At least there ll be some funny pk and the reward will be random.. nowdays is just add all nation and go leech ... 

2nd thing ?? Since int priest and str priest on apexko have no sense to exist ( not like official server where they work fine) can u make darkness mace farmable?? The only way to fix and make alive small party and unfair priest skills on apexko. 

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