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Tips to avoid being scammed

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Don't share your account.

This is the single most common reason people are scammed. People have been scammed by their childhood friends, so do not ever think you will be the exception.
If there's evidence of account sharing on your account, there's nothing we can do about any item loss that may occur.

When transferring items to another character, ask a Game Master to help you do so.

You can find a list of our Game Masters here (note: just the "Game Masters", nobody else).
You can send them a PM and they'll be sure to help you out when they can.

Pay attention to what's being traded/sold via merchant and their prices.

Occasionally people will attempt to trick you with prices or similar items.
Never assume the item is what you think it is, hover over it and make sure.

When dealing with any sort of trade, discuss it in-game before the trade occurs.

Stating the terms of your trade upfront helps us to see what's going on, and restore your items if you do still happen to get scammed.
If you're just communicating out of the game (via Discord, etc.), we have no idea what the terms of your trade will be.

So be safe and state it in-game so we can help you out if you do experience a problem with the trade.

When trading characters, always trade them via [Cypher Rings].

Never trade your account. Instead, seal your character and trade it in-game like any other item (following the above tips) to ensure a smooth and safe trade.

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