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Aesteris, 08.07.2018 - 07:30 yazdı:

We're considering reducing the amount needed to something a little less excessive, nothing concrete yet but it's being looked at.

still no change? even NPs've been scaled and still nothing concrete yet?

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red123, 1 dakika önce yazdı:

I used to think the same to reduce it but now I see it'd kill BDW and Juraid events. It should be fine as it is. I'm about to unlock it on sub chars too :D

They can handle it by new rewards easily. Add a trina to rewards? or something similar.
i am here since 01/2016 and i still do not have 100def achieve on my main. i have only BDW achieve. There's no such big diff but it prevent me to play on side chars. 100 def makes very much difference between new char and old. They already took a big step with scaling NPs. Why not it happens for achieve system too? 
150 juraid wins is insane for a light farm server. And we are going to be PK server in thesedays, aren't we?

@twostars @aesteris

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