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utc npc


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i joined 2 times utc in this day and i couldn't see the last room at all (btw you get only nothing from trophy boxes). This event is really unnecessary. There are not enough count of priests in the server so you can't attack mobs (if you don't have a team, just leave from here quietly). Just die 1-2 times and quit. if you get a moonlight fragment from 3 rooms then you are in the lucky day.
i knew that utc will be retarded in the apexko so i never voted this expansion.Also UTC and Ultima respawn times overlap so players are confused.
Please do something!

@twostars  @Aesteris

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5 hours ago, Aesteris said:

Ooh you're back? Great to see, we'll consider this - can you let us know which NPC lets you exchange it on official?

Sure my friend

I'll download usko after work and post screenshot



Nvm check it here


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