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I have been here since the first day

I never had any problems with anyone

Character unbanned and when we login server you ip banned us again

And our character GAREZ banned again

You did open all illegal users

I don'r use illegal (tbl or another ) but you banned my character when my friend login.

I want the necessary review done and please open my ban. I will not share my information with anyone.

This is too important for me.

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Dear ApexKO Authorities,


As ForgottenHeroes clan we have played alongside IRebeLLionI clan on USKO's original manes server for years.


Neither GAREZ nor his clan IRebeLLionI would not do something that would require a permanent ban.


As i said i have played next to them and against them and the clan is full of respectable players.


I sincerely hope that you would review your judgement in the interest of this server.


Best Regards,


BjornIronside - Ozan

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