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Reskill / restat costs


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Patch notes (16/03/2018): Reskill / restat costs are now as per official again (meaning they'll cost you what it'd cost you on official in terms of Noah)

You should consider that ApexKO is a private server with an small player base compared to USKO, meaning that players require to change skill and stats more frequently for events, farm and PK. For instance in official server you'd get more buffers and duffers so you have the option to kick and add players as needed but in ApexKO you have to rely on reskilling in order to make a proper party. Another example, priests should reskill before joining BDW and have free points to distirbute to the right job in BDW so they won't end up with dupe skills, now imagine someone is doing 2 BDW each day that's gonna cost alot of reskilling money in a long run. As a Kurian you'll have to reskill often since they've been nrfed over and over, if there is not enough players to party with, you'd wanna go magic build or tanker to solo/survive. If you get a party you might wanna go attacker+ descent. Now with the increase cost of reskill/restats that's gonna be a problem. As a mage Fire for farming when there is not much PK and light for PK when the time is right. You see I don't think it was a good idea to increase the cost of reskill/restats as not everyone can afford or willing to do it so basically they get bored, tired and quit CZ.

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