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Server balance in ApexKO: An ode to stupidity.


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I miss the days in which clan NT's had to be GM supervised, because right now it is evident that leaving it to player discretion has proven to be a mistake time and time again. To see the thought process at work behind the actions of people who, despite blatantly seeing the control of one nation over the other, still choose to join the most powerful side, in what could be described as a brilliant display of retardation... it doesn't come across as annoying as much as it is mind blowing. How is this fun to either side?

Holding 4 wars a week, 16 a month, human side has won a total of THREE WARS OUT OF 16. Where's the AP boost, devs?

Over the last week, despite human side always being outclassed and outnumbered, mostly because of the existence of a geared mage orc clan (there doesn't exist one in human side), I've seen FOUR different clans switch to orc side: BrokenHabibis, StrongLegioN, Revolution and YILANDAR

Right now they must be fighting Guard NPC's at invasion, must be a lot of fun I guess.

There doesn't exist a single powerful or organized human clan and there hasn't been one in a long time. Revolution was human as of earlier today, but they form small pk parties. The chinese clans TW and CrazyTime barely play and they're just brute force without brains. The latino clans are dead weight and everybody else are just extras that die off screen (not me! I'm good I promise).

Despite all of this, I still see more and more people switching to orc. How? I can't explain the thought process behind those actions. Do I care that much? Not really, much like with other arguments it's not the original intent that aggravates me, it's the logic (or lack thereof) behind someone's actions what ultimately triggers me. How can people be so absent minded? I'm on my way out so do as you wish, people. That doesn't mean you are not dumb tho.

Shoutouts to Rome however, they switched to human side trying to balance things out.


Or maybe I'm just that bad of a king that I make everyone switch out! Haha. A possibility, but I don't think they're smart enough to even consider it.

Rant over, if someone in moradon s> brain pls pm me, I wanna buy some to distribute among the apex population.

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