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HUMBURGERR run run ws delete hp scrol undy bb


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thnak you 16-1


and what i'm running?

u make ss when i low hp and say im running ?? did we even vsed their ? rofl,.

also why u hide picture when u killed me ? 

nice only kill me when using logos

Best warrior 2018 undymaffie.

resimag.com/p1/78e6935bbe.jpeg ( this picture shows him using spirit of logos)

so spirit of logos+holyset+csw emblem

and lose 16-1?

what a kind of .. you are?

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Humburger, 23 Nisan 2018 - 17:31 yazdı:

Check this picture he is using spirit of logos and still lose (16-1) :qweqewqe



No video no ksc  10ws you 5 I 0 come? 20kc  @gm_oes sana verelim kc leri 5 avans veriyom 10da biter cevirirmisin ful item raptor dagger takılcak video ksc fln alınmıcak

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