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Suggestion about garges bow's curse


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All of garges weapon's curse is the best but garges bow's curse is the worst. 

Garges sword = Chaos 
Garges shield = Adamant
Garges mace = Mean leonard
Garges staff = Aztec gold
Garges dagger = LPP RAUM
Garges bow = Undefetable 

I think bow's curse must change to fire rain or lousy pickypocket windforce curse. This is a injustice balance for garges weapons i think.


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actually garges bow drop rate is insanely high to normal fire rain bow.if you do that there will be normal fire rains + garges fire rains.there ll be lots of fire rains.if thats the case,gms should  drop the garges bow  ( which has fire rain curse ) rate a lil bit more.sounds like a math :)

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I'm not inclined to change this, this would devalue fire-rain windforces, and apparently it's Archer KO right now, so no need to give them free upgrades :)

Also, unless absolutely necessary (which I don't deem this is), we'd prefer not to stray from official.

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