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DewilInsTinCMugii IS A SCAMMER


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This guy pms me for my wirinom +11 saying this : https://gyazo.com/e8a3ba56b97b0f990a41fef8117baee8

Officially I agreed to this and ofc i slapped this horrible sin. Unfortunately he refuses to give me my raum now. Scamming Bitch alert. 

Not even worth my time to upload videos of the vs for this poor bitch. I  will later on if he claims I didnt win as an excuse :) 










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1 hour ago, IIIAmJohnWick said:

In law terms, we call that a "verbal contract". Thereby it is logical to assert a scam took place since one member has violated said agreement. Mugii is scammer. :/

hes a scammin pusssssssssssss. what can we do. 


57 minutes ago, TheSupplier said:

Mugii such a skilled sin xd

iyi #1 sin. he calls out people for vs and still gets slapped rofl 

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Its not looking like a guy lose 2v2 on Krowaz Set+11 dual rofs+3 csw emblem and dieing to a Kro set8 dual roc+3 and on same items lose and pay up 12.000KC still Missing 1000KC.

And even lose as clan 8vs8 16.000KC 

And lose 1v1 30.000KC not paying... :/

And that have to share personal info's in forum private messages to every player making racism against a entire country because care to much this game. Because his ego got attacked xd.

Even becomes best friends with ItzMDMA & ItzTOOLATENOW while full swearing HAHAHAHA !!!!


@Roxas but ye Roxas hopefully this guy Mugi will pay you :) 

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5 minutes ago, Pogo157 said:

If some people use macro that's fine but using macro, making movies, calling people unskilled that next level bullshit

I call TheGangAgency unskilled because they are they all using macro aswell and they keep writing me bullshit ingame so that's why i upload video.

Doubt anyone like them on the first place. So who cares except u? :P 


You want proof u can win me on no macro let's make vsses without macro upload in YouTube all can see ur information bar & skillbar 

1v1/2v2 warrior or sin no problem to me.

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we stopped taking him to Ultima in bf cause he disappeared with LOOT instead of sharing with party and a priest from there clan done a runner with a rof 1 as well 

ppl forget that 100kc is $1 but in all online games u see peoples true colors when it comes to $$$ 

best advice learn from it and move on shit happens

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