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Selling items for real money


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Dear GMs and Mods:


So since there are people trying to make a profit from server I highly suggest to Twostars and Aesteris to start selling items yourself. I mean, if someone has to get money from this is you. Some people don't even donated or bought KC and they are making micro-transactions for pixels in game and out of game and you guys aren't getting any of it.


If babashopping is allowed like it is (confirmed by mod) I believe that it would be fair if GMs also sell accounts and items too. It will make an income for developers and will help really busy people who can't play game to gear up or have a char to play during the weekends (like someone stated).


Like, let's say I need my char to be lvl 83 asap because seriously I don't have time to EXP, could you just automatically level my char for money? I have money, no problem with that, I have a job. Or I should just wait 3 weeks when someone else is gonna offer me a lvl 83 priest? Problem with other servers was GM "giving gifts" but if this is a business, no problem. You offer, I pay. 


Honestly, it's a good move. You give players what they want (because they want to baba and have no problems with it) and you get money to keep working on the server. For me it's win/win situation. I mean, you can make money from PUS, of course, but you know how profitable is to just sell chars and items because in the end, that's what people do in usko and many people don't see anything wrong with it. People are worried about CZ, like it's empty and so and so, in 1 month I believe Apex will be a success and people will want to join the server to pk with their friends but they will not want to EXP from 0 or farm to gear, luckily a bunch of people already thought this and they are just leveling chars to sell them right away at that precise moment and make an income from it. From your server. So wouldn't be wiser to just do it yourself instead of letting random people make a profit from it?


Of course, this is day 5 and people are already casting the paypal move, think about 1 month or 2 months. If you success, transactions will be crazy and you are not gonna get anything from it.


Think about it.


Don't be out of this business bros. 


Sarcastically yours, 






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You are stupid if you think, that it would be good move for gms, for 1 babashoper it comes 20 not babashopping people. If it has happened, there were only babashoppers on this server :} mayby it would be good if like 1000 ppl play here, but isnt it easier to play other pvp server when you got everything for free ?

think before you write smth.


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Well for exping, server have EXP Premium and Genie system. There are many chars near 80, so character selling shouldn't happen at all.


Regarding items, this is a very bad idea since it's strongly affecting servers economy. I mean when there should be just 1 IB or IN there would be plenty of them. This would result in pay2play PVP server lol. Ofcourse first days mining/fishing drop rates were too high, but we can call it as starter bonus.

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