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Revolution 8vs8 TheGangAgency


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We all have seen this funny talk:

2 hours ago, Xiao said:

There has been a 8v8 versus in CZ and we won 7-3. Their excuse was that the party was "random" lol. But the thing is that their so-called "random party" consisted of players who PK with Revolution at every opportunity. Anybody who has some game knowledge can see the difference in items. While our warriors were mostly with +8 Krowaz sets, the opponents warriors mostly had +11 Krowaz sets. I don't even want to mention that 5(6) out of our 8 players had no cospre items 

So let's do on equals?

@Xiao @ProSlauqhteR @LoseLeader @itsTOOLATENOW

Revolution 8vs8 TheGangAgency:


    Rules for Warrior&Priest:

  • 3 Rounds
  • Full Rosetta+9rev
  • Aegis&Hepa Exc Raptors+11/Rental Weapons & Shields.
  • Full Uniques+3
  • REWARD: 32.000KC = 4000KC Each Player.


Accept? :rolleyes:


If you don't accept this means u are afraid and a pussy and just make funny talks nothing else. #Afraid to lose 32.000KC TheGangAgency / LoseYourSelf clan. I know enough.

Also if we gonna do the vs i want a GM to be here for hold the KC and give to the winner. I remember last time 2vs2 ItzJudy only gave me 9000KC instead of 10.000KC.

And also crying in teamspeak afterwards: (Poor 1000KC scammer)




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