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Exp rates at 50, 60, 72. (Maybe others aswell)


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Mentioned it during beta aswell but doubt i read an answer about it.


Is there any particular reason why it is like this?  Tbh it doesn't rly make sense at all and kind of discourage people whom are not aware that it will be back to normal after the next lvl from exping at that point.



For those who dunno what i'm talking about, atm it's like:


Getting 200.000 exp for smth on lvl 49, once you hit 50 it becomes ~105.000 (so basicly halved, just getting abit more than 50% cuz u lvled up), then at 51 it's back to normal again, getting like 215.000.



Same shit happens at 60  (Not sure about the exactly lvls it happens at low lvls since i passed it fast but 95% positive it was happening at 50 and 60) and surely happens atleast once again at 72 /// according to beta maybe around 80 aswell tho that might be permanent and if it's like that (don't remember atm) then it's fine, but at 72 it's an issue indeed.



I could understand a permanent xp cut (tho that'd make it too hard most likely) but how it is atm is weird as fuck, making lvl 72-->73  way harder than lvl 73--> 74  or 74-->75 for example which aint rly makes sense.

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Ye it was, hence why the 


Mentioned it during beta aswell but doubt i read an answer about it.



Anyway i don't rly care about it for myself but the faster it is fixed, the better cuz, especially at 50 / 72 it can really turn some ppl away from exp if they aren't aware of it. So hopefully smth can be done about it.

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