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BDW after latest patch


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As patch noticed:

  • Now when an entire party leaves a nation vs nation event such as Border Defense War or Juraid Mountain, the instance will be shutdown in a minute (which is cancelled if they log back in). Although not ideal, if an entire party decides to leave because they feel they cannot win, this saves the remaining party being forced to simply wait out the entire remaining duration of the event (or capture, etc.

It's good but i think if 7/8 leave it should be ended. In some suituation, a party lose because theres afk in party, and they leave the zone, the point is the afker is afk so he is still there and the match still not end ^^


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I can see your point, but it will never come down to numbers like that. For all we know there might be 2 AFK'ing, or 3, etc.

It would begin to require something better to measure actual activity, which is something we've been going back and forth over for various events for a while.
It's not really an easy topic to approach.

In this case, rather than people just leaving, it'd be better to have a way of having the team forfeit.
Then you'd have a majority vote, with null votes (i.e. those that didn't respond) being considered "for" forfeiting.

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I think the chance to have 3 or more people to afk in BDW is like 5% and it's acceptable to wait in this case. About 2 people or less left in BDW there's still 0 chance for them to win 8 people no matter they are afk or not, so the result still the same as whole party leaving.

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