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14 minutes ago, Razordagawd said:

Yeah new armors were rushed, can't do much about it now though.

Atleast we agree on something ;) 

Ofcourse u can like i said above. Not hard.

This UTC Expansion is actually the first time i freak out on the forums. And it's not the UTC itself but all the things that happend in the patch.


I have started this server since day 1 ofcourse i took many breaks but i have seen this server change from such a great active ,organized, filled with supports server into a Ghost Town with full people complaining 24/7 i have seen all the mistakes that were made which is hard to solve now because people lost trust in the server people afraid to start in here and to spend alot $ and then their class getting nerfed or better items coming and gear dispenser items making their item value lose i can feel and understand them :) i actually never used forum in 2015 and 2016 because i was always happy with the server how it was !


Probably if they left how apex was before this stupid patch or just only implemented the UTC event it was still a great server! But i guess everything went the different way! And this server cannot blame it on the players but on their own mistakes with gear dispenser, new farm slots,nerfs,crazy stunrates.


14 minutes ago, Razordagawd said:

Also, I see Necrolyte being brought up a lot. A good player but has he ever been relevant? Why does everybody hold his opinion in the highest regard now?

Because he is a quality player. Knows alot about the difference between Usko and ApexKO. And he is a very friendly guy aswell like compare able with David but also likes to joke around a little.

And he also saw the changes and got dissapointed.






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Ide love to thank the ko team for the  handing out of bow and pads causing stun stick cant more  nothing    over and over     at least kills pk for days   and guessing same ppl will prob receive it over and over ..


Why hand out so over powered gear to some  with the idea  to chase others away from game  


Nice logic thinking on that part   


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