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[Guide] Under The Castle (UTC)

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How to enter?

  • The entrance to UTC via NPC [Twilight Observer] at Luferson or El Morad Castle


  • UTC is open every Friday and Saturday.
  • Time depends on your location. That's why you should check your event schedule.
  • This event goes on during 4 hours.

More information

  • It is a event consisting of 4 stages. 


  • Mobs:


  • This dungeon offers unique quests and items in order to make UTC weapons and armours. Please read a recipe of that from NPC [Disciple of Hepa] Shozin at Maradon.



  • You obtain -if you have party- 2 Tropy box (if you don't, just 1 Tropy box) after passing per dungeon.
  • If you die inside the UTC than press OK, then your character teleports back to the re-spawn point and you see that the durability on armours&weapon are all gone at the same time. You have to recovery of those.


  • If you use Life Crystal item when you die, you proceed on your way without the necessity of sth.
  • You can get it via NPC [Mysterious Narki] using low, middle, high and unique items at Maradon.
  • There is a NPC [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin the final stage, you can use boxes here.



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1 hour ago, BulletClub said:

I think people owe appreciation to MERET. he does this everytime something new comes out.

no rewards, or not even being asked. he does it out of kindness. thank you MERET

I agree with you. He is a perfect guy! He is my favorite turkish guy that's playing in ApexKO.

Always ready to help. In english and in turkish. Perfect!!!

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