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PurpleFuzzyUnicorns Clan

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Hello apexko, We are PurpleFuzzyUnicorns and we are an English speaking clan and we are looking for some geared english priests and warriors/kurians mostly with teamspeak 3.

We pk all day long and we just need more players to play with if you are interested please send me a pm ASAP!

We play to have fun nothing too serious we have a laugh and we are close friends and help each other always.


Pm me in game or here Amori.

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8 hours ago, TukeOP said:

Dat i wanna see you " helping each others"  :D I heard you got soon new clan leader ;)

We do help each other and we don’t really have a clan leader everything that happens in clan we take a vote and the majority of votes win whatever we want to do.

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