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Some Idea from my thoughts


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First, thank for this server

Forgive my sad english :D


This server which is stable and the setting are also nice for those just want to play private server player

Also, it attaches great importance to the player's idea. However, maybe also has some problem that I found


1. Chaos, Forgotten Temple ->

    Very LESS player play inside, It need to be made some new or appealing rewards, even is lose


2. BDW ->

    Seems a bit boring, when one side presents an overwhelming victory...like most of the time

    we just pk only 5 min and then maybe the ratio 15:2...then you know, every player (lose side) only just quit.. 

   Also, win side to be boring in place just only wait till the times out... So, in short, there is not more passionate in bdw

   The number of participants is not very much too, thus need make some improvement on it.


3. UTC problem->

    When 3/9 new patch UTC coming, many weapon seems becomes worthless...Especially the bow

    Others maybe only chaos...Lpp..Diet some guys still collect them. So need make some change in every aspect.

    Increase the difficulty of crafting UTC weapons.

    But my problem is, the "chest" reward will different from now ? Or will add new material (low chance) of UTC crafting needed <- I thinks it will better.

    Instead of directly drop them in UTC map..This will reduce the market and plays pleasure.


I just think of the above problem and my thoughts recently

Hope others ppl can give more advice or even refute my thoughts


Because, it is the new starting point starts at 3/9 new patch coming :)


Thanks for reading my article

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Someone has already reflected similar problems
Many of my friends simply because there is no passion for such activities like JR mountain or BDW
And give up this server

I think it is a pity that you MUST make some changes on rules 

I have an idea about MAKE BDW as 3v3 4v4 .. sounds cool, and may be appropriate to ease the problem


A good server should not just be good on a PK system
Should take into account all aspects (exping/farming/activities...)

Hope you guys doing something to make this server better

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