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About ARCHERY CLASS status now


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Yes, since Ko's introduction from krowaz started

The defensive abilities of each class have been increased

But the archers have not changed the ability with ap, so we hit every player just a little dmg, even if the mages, also build the full dex ap archer..


This Resulting in a very small number of people playing the archery,

Instead, the rest is only assist capacity , Like 62 66 ice lr arrow

Play is not so interesting, as I know, many people just very very like archer class (like me)


However, we found it will be even worse, while the server more warrior arise ((server more and more warrior appear recently, this also a big problem too))

Therefore, we also knew that there are fewer and fewer people on this server to play archery, resulting in a breakdown between each class...


So, how do you think about this issue?


Hope you guys will do something change for those of us who love archers class.


Very thank you!


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1 hour ago, Marshmallow said:

Wait for Darkness Bow and everyone will switch to archer :D

^ This

Also full archers party are quite strong and annoying to face in here. I guess is just a matter of no having enough archers in the server to assemble the right parties.
PS: I usually play with a single (max AP) archer in my parties, he always gets the kills, so in my humble opinion I think the class does more than fine. Glad he is in my party :)

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I got 3k ap on my archer with mostly beginner items and I do 650 - 950 dmg with 70 skill and 1.7 - 2.5 with power shot so I think the damage is right for such AP and with a set +11 and +3s and cospre items archers ap could go up to around 4000 and dmg should be increased nicely. Archers are annoying. You need to pay attention to assassins around you, try to target priests as much as you can with styx and shower or range 70 skill in order to cancel their heals. Use blind skil for support. Poer shot to KS and make sure to have 48 explore skill rather than Eskrima to cure dot damages as well as angers. In BDW go full HP build and shower priests as much as you can, try to be more supportive. In Juraid, assassins should reskil to full AP archer and make sure not to lure bosses with single arrows. Save power shot for Deva ks. BUT somehow I agree with music741 that archers AP should be increased a little at least to be same as assassins. idk about WF+11 and Raum+11 but with Iron bow+11 you get lower ap than dual shard+11

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