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How to use offline merchants


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Hey everyone!

While you have the [Offline Merchant Emblem] equipped, you can setup a selling OR buying merchant (implemented since the launch of the expansion) merchant stall and logout, and your merchant will continue selling its items ingame. You will be able to log into another account while your items are still being sold (note: it must be a different account, you cannot log into side characters).

Once all items are sold (or the emblem expires, or you log back into your account), your merchant will be logged out.
NOTE: As is with normal merchanting, you are responsible for making sure you don't go above 21GB - any noah gain above this will be lost and will not be reimbursed.


You can purchase an [Offline Merchant Emblem Voucher] from the Power-Up Store.



This voucher can be exchanged at [Familiar Tamer] Kate in Moradon.


To use it, you must first equip the emblem.


While the [Offline Merchant Emblem] is equipped, you can /MERCHANT and setup your stall as usual.
Then you can exit the game.


Other players will continue to see and use your merchant stall in-game after you're logged out.
You will only see the "offline merchant" symbol above your head when you're actually offline (and merchanting),
so you know anybody with this symbol above their head is actually offline.

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