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Thanks for sharing this, someone else also opened a topic on this.

We'll be looking into it and resolving it as soon as possible :)

After having looked into it, it looks like it's nothing we haven't seen before, and just because they manage to remove the client side cooldown does in no way mean the server doesn't enforce it.

There's 3 things being (seemingly) abused in this vide:

Minor heal - which, if you slow the video down and look at the information message box, shows you that a <lot> of those minor heals are actually failing, as they haven't come off cooldown yet server side. It seems as if it's much faster than it should be because of all the spam in there.

Range - this is indeed too far, having said that, it seems worse than it actually is because he's trying it on worms - our adaptive range checks only apply to players attacking other players. There's a few ideas we've got to fix these kinds of problems too, so we're gonna start looking into those.

Helis - visually the cooldown is removed, but he isn't exactly spamming it. In fact, he wouldn't be able to and this is the same speed / rate of attacks someone would have when they're combo'ing (and no faster than that). Surprised he didn't show potions having no cooldown (as those work differently, he wouldn't be able to :))

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It's fun how this guy in the video shows he can open a second Knight Online client w/o login and calls it multi client:lol:.

But when you login with the other client the first client will get auto disconnected already fixed 1 year ago.

I even reported this multi clienting with mutants to Alpha longtime ago so that's not working anymore guys.^_^

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