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Alpha Testing (GAMEPLAN?)


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My suggestion/feedback is around how things are being tested.


There is no method/direction, everyone is doing everything at once and you guys are fixing a broad range of problems. Why not setup a "gameplan"... start with the client. Have everyone test all the settings... languages... fxaa... resolution... etc etc. Then character creations, then level 1-30 exp/mobs/items/skills/quest, then 30-60 and so on.


Put together a list in order of things to test and check off in the order which new players will follow. Right now everyones reporting every different things in no order.

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I think that for right now, broad testing like this is exactly what it needs; there's clearly a lot of problems out there, so the more people testing whatever they currently feel like at the time, the better. So far some pretty crazy things have come up that I'm not even sure we'd have thought to specifically test.


As such, I think it'd be a better idea to wait until we have most of the serious bugs under control, and then attempt more targeted testing. Not sure if a full wipe is really needed for that (be ideal, though), but if so we'd increase the rates to compensate.

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