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What I think would make the server better.


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Hi, so.. im playing this server now so I might aswell tell you what is annoying so you can look into change/fix it.



1. Mining drops, Right now there are alot of drops, id suggest delete the useless ones. - I think 1920, 720, 360, 960 pots, also delete the silver coins and add gold ones, just at a lower rate. so you dont have to clear your inventory every 10mins


2. Monster stone mobs being OP, so I got into a ms, the Indy Archer one, and it just rekt me when i got to it. No way I could kill it. needs to be nerfed I guess.



Gonna add more when I feel like it and find other bugs and such.

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I honestly feel like gems, chests and fragments are dropping at way too high a rate, also monster nest monsters shouldn't be dropping accessories, only the boss should be dropping them, because of these 2 things high quality items, unique accessories and weapons and noah are FLOODING into the game and its insane.

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