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Nocturnal (KARUS) Recruiting


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Copy/Paste from Maltuz ko4life thread.


Hello there friends and family! I'm letting you know that I've summoned a bunch of my old knight online fellows to make a fresh new start at ApexKO. We decided to become an international clan which mean English will be the language spoken officially in clan chat aswell as on our Teamspeak 3 server. I have personally played KO with most of the guys since 2004, we are up-to-date on the current ApexKO version since we been on the beta together just to prepare for release.

We are a highly experienced group of players that's gonna aim for the top, from the first minute of the official release we will rush our way up together. Right now we got about 15-20 players with us. If you would like to join us we have some ground rules to follow:

*Be mature at polite to clanies aswell as non-clanies, no matter who they are, your choice to ignore or argue. I suggest to just ignore retards.

*Be on TS while you're playing together with the clan.

*Exp prem from start is highly recommended

*Be active! You are allowed to take breaks, bang your gf for a weekend or w/e, Just let us know if you gonna be away for a few days, before.

*English in clanchat and ts while we are together, you can use partychat or pm for other languages

*cheaters will get banned and blacklisted from the clan forever.

*If we figure out any scammers in the clan they will meet the same destiny.

*Be a teamplayer at any point, we always splittin loot between partymembers.

Fill in the application mall below and reply it if you would like to join and i'll pm you our ts info. Theres only a few hours left until release so get on asap.

- Where do you live and whats your gmt+?
- How old are you?
- How long have you played KO?
- What class are you going to play?
- How many hours can you play daily?
- What are your past clans?
- Have you got an microphone?

Over and out!smile.png



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Still recruiting member KataNoob? 

Yes we are. Anyone who wishes to join our clan may fill in these following questions and post them either in this thread or via PM and we will adress you shortly.


- Where do you live and what is your timezone?

- How old are you?

- How long have you played KO?

- What class are you playing?

- How many hours can you play daily?

- What are your past clans?

- Do you have a microphone? If so, are you willing to use TS3 as a means of communication?


We have decided to only invite people whom we feel can contribute to the clan, rather than people just joining and leeching, therefore we have made the current level requirement to join the clan 75, added that you have the intention of reaching 80+ "soon enough".

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