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TheMadOne/IWnxinatorz/Habibibibibibi Liar #number 1


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A person that attacks me in forum for no reason and filled with lies:


Randomly you talk shit about me all over forum when you killed a solo warrior without any party and talk shit about me in forum you are the one that's messing with it.

And i never called you a scammer i only said you don't care about people that scams so i don't want my castellan sword+11 in ur hand give it to people like SecondLifee.


Show me any picture that i called you a friend of scammer it didn't happen no it just didn't You are a big big liar you just try to put ur clan against me because you don't like me somehow :) 


I died 1 time solo warrior in bowl how can i get cure/heal/or defense myself with no party and when kurian chakalaka me?? And this was yesterday not today.

Also i didn't ban you from ts but my friend banned you from ts because u were crying like a girl in our channel while i did pk with my friends

Here some1 else banned you(Which I Totally agree with while you scream like a girl in the middle of our pk)27yr3p4.png

Btw i unbanned you. But please do not come into our teamspeak channel again and scream like a girl please...


I never asked you for help to get me unbanned i asked nobody for this actually but i told you i got banned that's correct. So it was all yourself doing this and i thank you for that really i do.

But don't show on forum to everyone that it looked like i begged for it??? Else i probably asked my clan to do this for me and not you if i really needed help. :) 

And also you call me Retard and Noob you said me in teamspeak u will win me always in 2vs2 if i don't have the priest JewishAnqel/Melody.

You can choose from those priests:

JewishAngel - Elior

HabibiQueen - Karim

AriaDeCapo - Hamza

Chayni          -  Dylan

I will take one of those 4 priests the one u want me to use for vs against you.



5 Rounds

Rosetta Set+8

Full Cospre

Full Uniques+3

Chaos +11 / Undef+11 / Raptor+11 The one you prefer. :) 

Reward for the winner: 10.000 Knight Cash.


Accept? :)



1: I never called you a scammer. i never said such things show me any proof that i called Wnxinatorz/Habibibibibi a scammer. And if you have proof which is what you say it is i will apologise immediately to you but i can say everyone in this forum 100% sure that i never said that Wnxinatorz/Habibibibibibi is a scammer ! 

2: I never banned you from the teamspeak but it was a friend of mine because u were yelling like a girl in our teamspeak while we were at pk and we warned you also before the ban!!

3: You messed our friendship by making fun of me killing me 1 time in Bowl while i was solo and you with a party and you full say on forum that i'm free nps and a noob

so i defend myself because we killed u 5vs8 + i killed you alot more times after i died that 1 time. :)

4: You call me Retard noob you say you can win me always in 2vs2 if i dont have priest Eden/Melody So let's do 2vs2 and u can choose from one of the 4 priests i said and let's do it for 10.000KC.


Reason i made this topic: I did it before he lies to his whole clan again and they spam pm me 24/7 again like before in DaubbleAubble

And now u all can see who the real liar is and not me :) #No proof!


PS: I think i was a nice person towards UnitedHabibi lend Castellan Sword+11 to GorillaNeverDie even tho it was just for 2-3 days i did it.

+ i offered my help for 8vs8s against TheGoodLife&TheGangAgency and other clans with UnitedHabibi.

But i guess i should be less nice to Apex players. ;)

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16 minutes ago, Zaikooo said:

@FinlandBoy He probabaly have no friends in real life :P 

:ASD:ASDD:ASD:AS:ASD Says the guy that begged me 100 times for getting invited back into BloodLine because u had nobody to play with and got kicked because you suck at this game.

And i had 3 real life person in this clan while you play with PheonSly get out. :D

I enjoy enough in real life no worry about that ;) 


Edit: @TheMadOne Show me any proof stop share miss information everywhere.

I gotta go gonna celebrate christmas enjoy everyone  :) 

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These topics will just spice up the drama (which you claim you don’t like) so stop creating them.

I suggest using the block feature both ingame and on the forum if anyone is annoyed or offended by anyone. Simple solution.

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