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Give Kurians a free class change scrol


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To ApexKO staffs,

When you nerfed Kurian's Rush and devil Dots a while ago, you should had given a free job change to Kurians but you did not. Now that Pull skill which was the only good thing left for Kurians got nerfed today I believe the class sucks now and every Kurian should receive a non tradeable/time limited job change scrol.

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They dont work the same  and if devil Kurian  and devil ends your easy dead   if use Berz skill loose all ac def  easy dead  if set as decent  have less lower slower potting ...

Have to play right and kill any Kurian easy  but everyone crys becouse u all just want to run up tank  2     3 hits and have everyone dead ...  If cant 2 or 3 hit  someone then cry complain till its Nerfed and made usless 


Well done keep going  on next char  

+1 to free class change for Kurians 

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If you want Kurian's skills just like USKO then make macros like USKO.....Bannable Offense......I'd say that's a fair trade. 

Or nerf passion warrior's cry echo's hit percentage chance and take away their decent. lol.

And I agree with Neo. Well said buddy. If you had a brain, you would know how to counter/play with and against a Kurian.....

Sorry for being too GG :P 

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