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Nation transfer question


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Hello, I've got a doubt about NT a character.

I've got 2 characters on my account. One belongs to a clan and the other is a clan leader of a clan that I use for storage purposes.
What happens if the clan I'm member Nation transfers and I decide to accept?
My other character is forced to NT as well and my storage clan is disbanded with all the items within the Clan bank?

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  • English Game Master

If i remember correctly your other characters will be forced out of their clans if you accept the clan nt, i don’t think it will prompt you about it.

To be on the safe side i’d simply advise you to save the items in the regular bank before accepting it, worst case scenario if you do this is that you will have to relog again to disband the clan manually but i doubt that’s even the case here. 

I might be wrong, was a while ago since i used this, let me confirm later. :)

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You can't nation transfer if you got your characters in different clans. An error notification will tell you that you have to get your other character(s) out of their clan. So, in this case, you must disband the clan that you use for storage purposes. With this said, you must also take the items out of your clan bank in order to disband it, otherwise you WILL NOT be able to do that.

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