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Couple questions


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1) If i donate KC now, and NOT use it, will that KC be available as i login on official?

2) Will bosses be up immediately after server goes up?

3) in a gms opinion, how long do you think itll take a casual player to get 83?

4) When will the schedule for events be up? 




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1.: Yap, (They will have the 10% beta donation bonus until 7th june so far i remember) donated KCs during beta will be added to your bonus KCs, which eventually will be transfered to normal KC once the official comes.

2.: Kinda sure they said no about it and the bosses will spawns randomly abit later but let's see if they confirm it.

3.: Won't reflect on it since you are asking them, however i'd say be abit more specific (With or w/o XP prem for ex, etc. Tho 83 should take a while, but imo 80 will barely be a week or so if you play few hours a day atleast.)

4.: Up to them, can't rly say a thing.

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