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BP weapon quests.

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My brother went through most of the quests and seems like there are no quest available for them which gives STR based weapons (Iron Impact, totamic club, any other 2 handed str stat based weapons). 



I know paper BPs aren't that popular nowadays, but for xp it's pretty decent and sure they can maybe farm weapons for themselves or buy them on merchant but adding 1-2 str based 2 handed weapons as quest rewards would be appreciated. Atleast let them choose between those int maces and some similar 2 handed club.



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BP used to be a fun play but I've heard their skill dmg decreased. I read in other thread that with 3100 ap and full db you do 700 dmg that's so low and should do dmg double that!

Unfortunately you're correct. BP class is so utterly broken that it's disgusting.  :mellow:

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