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I Challenge You.


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I challenge you. I challenge everyone in the community to a 2v2 against me. From KoreaKO to USKO passing through all Ottoman terrain and Deep Web located turkish private servers, I challenge you all.


  • Rules:

1) No cursed weapons;

2) Full cospre and Rosetta Set;

3) You must have at least a Logitech macro mouse ready to spam Cry Echo. You'll have to send me the picture of the rat via e-mail at: [email protected] (if you live in the Netherlands or Turkey you don't have to send me proof);

4) You must bet an unlimited amount of KC even if you don't have it. 

5) You must be and play the warrior to accept the VS.

6) You must say something along the lines of "This is my last answer on this forum." or  "If I lose I'll quit and will never come back" (unless you want a rematch with another priest, then we're good.)

7) Incase I lose, I will try again with another priest untill I win. 


If you're chinese we can VS from different arenas. For example: me and my priest on the left side moradon arena and you on the right side one. Np.

If you're left speechless with the size of my ballZ don't even bother trolling the topic or even replying here.

Motivation: S.a. Rabies dog? I suck you. Fearful dog. relaunch pls.

If you meet the requirements and think you're good enough, hit me up. I'll find you and I will kill you.





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19 hours ago, mrhankey said:

holy ghost of yougotmacromyass

Nice my lovely kvn fan.

Running all over Colony Zone to malice and spam acid pots as priest (OoooVEoooO)

Running all over Colony Zone to styx and blind me as archer (Ortega)

Running all over Colony Zone as cube mage to cube my priests which are in my party as mage (MrHankey)

Also known as kurian: OoooAToooO

But why is this fan doing this? :( What have i done to you? :( 

Nice say to me i don't like macro players but u pked alot of times with ItzMDMA and other macro players so this is not a good reason :) 


You are so mean doing this all to me. Really i can't take it anymore if i don't sleep with my parents in night it's not gonna be alright!!! or probably won't even wake up ! 



Edited by YouGotPwndByMyAss
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