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Tried doing MSS few times and chitins drop quite often, about 1MSS - 1 chitin which is good.

But if I finish this quest then I won't be able to do it anymore - at least not on the same char.

To repeat the MSS quest we need to cancel the quest, delete the quest item we get from boss and do it one more time.

Is it going to stay like this? Is this any kind of quest abuse?

Also what about paper anti-defs. On USKO there was MSS(III) with stronger mobs that dropped them. Do You consider adding paper anti-defs?


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Pretty sure it was MSS 3 as I used to farm papers a bit and remeber that quite well - it had 63 or 64 lvl req and strong mobs in it.

MSS 1 is the quest in mora for lvls 10- 

Does not matter how its called tbh.

So will there be paper anti-defs or not?

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