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YouGotPwndByMyAss vs HANGOVER/Oguz Cocugu


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HANGOVER/GetReady4MyStorm/Oguz Cocugu

Only way u can win people is with the chaos curse all know that :D as you can see in the next 2 video's :D 

You versus Dylan:

Look what a pro Chaos Wirinom+8

You versus me:

Wow this Chaos Wirinom+11 so good in this vs even 2x chaos curse in 1 second :o .

But no problem we talked ingame about vs without chaos curse and you challenged me in letter and in pm for 30.000KC

also in shout box as you can see here: 2v04x.png


And i accept ofcourse so no bb :) 

And i said you ingame we gonna do it on thursday/friday because on those days our priests can and you accepted you said in midnight so you don't have lagg. :) 

And yes i agree with you we gonna trade the 30k kc first to the gms.

And i'm 100% sure im gonna win and if not i will quit ApexKO forever and never return i promise this to everyone in ApexKO even to KingAurelio :P 

Previous video with Undefeatble Baal/Wirinom+11 also you have more item and this is also reason why you trying to cancel vs you funny afraid bitch!. But i want it to continue.  




See you 23/24 November if no show up i expect a nice 30.000KC Letter :rolleyes:

Because deal = a deal

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