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[Important] Please read before posting


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In order to quickly help you, we ask that you be mindful of a few things.

This may seem obvious, but this is a constant issue with support requests. We do not read minds (I know -- right?!). This is not a skill we possess (yet).
Until we learn how to read minds, we ask that you provide any and all information you can with the assumption that we have no idea what you're talking about and that we know anything about you or your character(s).

If we have any reason whatsoever to ask you for further information, this is time wasted trying to help you (and remember: we may not always be on when you are, so requests may be delayed a bit because of timezones!) and your request has taken much longer than it needs to be dealt with.

Simply provide this information upfront and we'll be able to help you without too much fuss.

Account sharing

We do not support this. We never have.

Account sharing more often than not causes headaches for everyone involved. If you're scammed or your account info is changed, and account sharing is involved, we're extremely sorry but as much as we'd like to we absolutely cannot intervene.

It simply confuses things to the point where verifying what actually happened becomes impossible a great majority of the time.
We offer numerous account security options for you to use to prevent such abuse, which are not compatible with account sharing (for obvious reasons).

Regardless of how well you think you know your friends. please don't risk it. The same sad story has played out far too many times (shared with thought-to-be completely trustworthy friends that they've known for many years, then that trust has been abused and the account's been scammed). Don't let that be you, please. It's really not worth it, all because you think it will never happen to you (this is what everyone else thought, too).

So again: if account sharing is involved, we're very sorry that this happened to you, but we cannot help with your request.

Account-related enquiries

As this is a public forum, all details provided are accessible to everyone. As such, if you need help with an account-related topic (e.g. resetting your e-mail address, OTP, etc), please PM either Aesteris or myself.

In this PM, please be sure to include all relevant information. This should at the very least include your account ID (the name you login with) and if possible, your seal password (8 digit code) and/or VIP storage password (4 digit code).

It should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about).

For enquiries involving other information, please be sure to include that relevant info as well. For example:
If you've lost access to your e-mail address and wish to reset it, you should be sure to include your current e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to.

So an example PM might look like:


Account ID: twostars
Seal password: 12345678
VIP storage password: I don't remember

I no longer have access to my e-mail address [email protected], can you please reset it to [email protected]?

As you can see, this PM provides everything we possibly need to verify your account and fulfil your request without us having to prompt for any follow-up information.

In-game related enquiries

In these cases, unless you consider the matter private (in which case, please PM Vivaldi, Aesteris or myself [preferably include all of us] in place of a post here), it's perfectly acceptable to post here.

In this post (or PM), you should be sure to include your character name. We will not need your account ID for this unless your request involves your account (in which case see the above Account-related enquiries section instead).

Additionally, it should also include the request itself (obviously), with as much detail as possible (just assume we know nothing about you or what you're talking about).

An example post/PM might look like:


Character: twostars

I accidentally deleted my Raptor(+8) on Tuesday and I can no longer restore it. Can you restore it?

Note that the above mentions exactly what was deleted and when. These details are especially important when dealing with item requests.

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