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RoyalFamily & Randoms vs 4Prisoners( 4Towners)


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Dat Ego boosting topic again xD



Anyway they are retarded (atleast the ones that were continously talking trash to us), kept flaming our clan cuz our leader refused to join them during the first days, challenged us to 3v3, got rekted 2-3 times in a row, then their priest was like "I'm using only chitin set, your priest is in shell set"   [1.: As if that would make a diff  /// 2.:  our priest was actually using plate set xD]

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There is also a section that only cut the movie.  In more movie u team go maradon :( . We have made 2 k np rank..






lol my team go ,moradon?, noob we got tired of your constant towning so we left cz cause you were boring us, we don't like to fight towners and run around bowl farming atross and riotes or doing npt( like your clan does apparently )

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