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How to delete a character


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As of patch 2.129, you are now able to delete your character once again (mgame removed the option with their UTC UIs).


To do so, talk to the [Character Deletion] NPC in Moradon. They can be found standing next to the inn hostesses at 868,643 and 762,642.


As the NPC tells you, you should first:

1. Remove the character from their clan and
2. Remove any items and coins that they may have.

Note that if your character is the King, it cannot be deleted. Additionally, you are not allowed to delete banned characters.

Once you've done that, you can press "Delete a character" to proceed.


Select the character you wish to delete from the list and press "Confirm".

Note that you cannot select the character you're currently logged in as.


Input your seal password here. If you've forgotten it, you can have it resent to your e-mail address via the website.


You will be given a [Cypher Ring], similar to the one given when sealing a character.
Unlike the regular [Cypher Ring], it can be deleted but not traded.

You'll also note that it has an expiration time on it (7 days from the time you received it); once this time expires, the character will be permanently deleted.

If you delete this ring, you can still buy it back from [Grand Merchant Kaishan] in Moradon. You can do so until the expiry time listed on the ring at no cost.

The character will only be permanently deleted once it expires.

Note that unlike other items, the [Cypher Ring] will not be pushed out of the repurchase list as you delete / sell items.
It will remain in the repurchase list until it expires.


If you change your mind and wish to restore this character before the 7 days has elapsed, you can do so using the [Cypher Ring] via the character unsealing feature available at any inn hostess.

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15 minutes ago, Nath said:

Why does it cost so much? You can NT a whole clan for that amount,  for a regular game feature it seems utterly expensive for me.

it's not a regular game feature. This feature is not available on official servers. It's also very important for the game's economy to have ways of draining noahs out of the server.


Best regards.

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