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cursed weapons


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imo we should increase the curse it's % rate lol....


it realy never goes off, it says as descripted 1% okey, but when i'm pking like a whole day, I do alot more attacks (R attacks) then 100... and it never goes off, maybe it went off twice in this whole week now.... it's kinda sad realy, so I don't think it's 1% or if it is, it should get increased a lil


On USKO it goes off alot, that's true, but right now here it's just too low, not even worth making one atm i guess

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I'm fine with it, i'd hate to see unskilled fags with luck raping due to curse, let alone the fact chaos curse >>>>> anything else ---->   warriors / Porutu   >>>>>> rogues / mages. Just my two cent tho, can't prevent if they gonna increase it but i still think it was the most retarded shit usko ever added.

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nah it's not that easy to make actually.... you gotta farm for it etc, and then there's only 30% on succeeding to make a +0..... 

then u still need it at +7 to be any good.... so it's realy not that easy....


also yes, they chaos curse is kinda strong but still, mage aztec aint bad it self or kaul....


But still the rate isn't 1% atm... and 1% aint that bad

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