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Refund for KC spend on shadow pieces


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Ok. so how bout again. a refund on people that used shadow pieces on the holy armor. because a guide was posted here

for over a week. and we the players had to figure out ourselves that this guide was not for apex. but for usko.

and it took you guys a week to give us a legit guide... the community had to tell the community that the guide

posted on forums was not legit. no gm even responded on the thread saying anything... you guys couldn't be assed to just give us a crafting % right off the bat?

it took over a week to get the players a guide. people lost 1000's of kc on shadow pieces due to negligence of the staff...

refunds should be in order for those that used shadow pieces..  and you guys couldn't tell us for 10 days that the guide was false. or simply even respond on the topic.

If you are creating a new a patch. it should come with guides ready to go. you should not rely on the users to figure it out themselves.

thanks for your hard work on the patch. But you really were not prepared for this one and it shows. but i have some faith that you will do the right thing for the players in this situation.

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Hi there,

I understand the frustration and we will compensate those that have used pieces before the official guide was up.

In future, don't trust user posted guides on new content. While we aim to stay close to official, considering the server is now a PK server, certain rates will be different.

Finally, you will yield much better results in trying to get us to do anything for you with a normal attitude - yes, your frustration is understandable, but I'd like to think we have never been and never will be unreasonable. We're here to help with these things and provide you better support than official does, but simply acknowledging mistakes are human and bringing it to our attention like say "Hey guys, we used a bunch of shadow pieces prior to you having released the guide, is there anything you can do for us?" would be very much appreciated.


Thank you, we'll sort you guys out as soon as possible :)

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