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Make the armors drop for the clan that wins csw!

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So i thought it might be a good thing to beef up the csw activity 

so that the clan that wins is able to farm the armors (the materials) in place of the weapons or and the weapons

so that means ppl that want the new armors should win csw so then csw gets activer instead 2 pts doing 8v8 all csw (since you dissabled the kc reward....)

(Big clans like DaubbleAbble will go with alot of ppl to this event to farm the armors all week )

the weapons are shit, the armor is good




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On 5-10-2017 at 5:10 PM, XxxKingRazoRxxX said:

make the clan that wins csw, possibly and most likely the strongest clan in server, able to farm armors in order to make them even stronger


on usko ppl get to farm lots of gbs for winning castle, and getting alot of gbs from itself

here you get shit

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