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First castellan wep 7!

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can u put a image of your weapon? i want know if this weapon have skill option same that krowaz weapons, when i put buying merchant or when i see in the website i cant see that

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7 minutes ago, BulletClub said:

you guys are so annoying lol. Seems jealousy that Revo didnt win the castle. so they just talk shit.

they already asking for armor drops. assuming they will win next week. hahaha

Are you mentally retarded??

We ask for the armor drops so more people will join CSW because the weapons are useless so what is the point to go??

Yeah we are so jealous we want weaker weapons then raptors It's true!

Keep play fire mage in melee parties retarded monkey xD


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Why does it matter to you what i play?

if my clan doesn't mind me playing a fire mage.. what concern is that of yours?

nothing. you can't ever seem to come up with a relevant response.

i'll just keep raping you in cz. and you can keep lying about killing me. haha

also. you obviously know i'm not a fire mage.

Edited by BulletClub

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