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Beef up the new items?


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What benefit does owning the castle have if the items arent that good the armor is good just complete crap drop rate impossible to obtain.....plus all the pieces keep breaking going to +7 even with trina....no one has a +7 yet the materials barely drop if at all...like u got a better chance getting a rof 



I recommend 20 ap bonus on the sword at least equal or a lil better than gabs for shield make the dagger and bow like right below ap of asagai and idk what to do with dagger?5-10ap increase?

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can't say i disagree. you took away our csw KC reward. to let us farm the dragon. but now its basically no reward. because the items suck. stats are bad, no curse. they should at least drop at +8 so there is some benefit to having one. because now csw is less desirable than it was before... and thats saying something because nobody went before. now it's even less purpose to go. you dont even get kc. just a crappy dungeon with crappy weapon :S

essentially im farming the dark dragon for a week to have a novelty cute item just to show off in moradon. because the stats are useless.

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Stats on the warrior weapon and the shield are indeed garbage, even at +9. It isn't very different from baal and the shield is just worse in every aspect compared to gabs +7.

The rogue and mage weapons provide stats that are unique in their category though. While the bow also does the same but the AP can't hold a candle to windforce.

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46 minutes ago, ImmortalOne said:

I was complaining? xd

Im not even playing here you tard

Then why are u even trolling the forums you must not have a life....u should prolly go outside if the comfort of your house hasnt made you allergic to the fresh air and sun....

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