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Apexko - Warrior or Archer looking for people to play with.

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I'm looking for people to hang around with in apexko, i just downloaded it so its a fresh account nothing other than starter items currently. 

I would like to play either warrior or archer i believe.

Archer - I'm brand new to archer, I don't know what I'm doing and will have to learn the correct way to play it. But I would rather play this class if possible.

Warrior - I've played warrior many times but I've always been attack warrior not passion, so if I need to be passion itll take me a little bit to get used to. I have more experience on warrior than I do archer. 

I have a headset can listen to in voice chat etc, I can also play a reasonable amount of time.

I only speak english. 

If anyone is looking for a nub to play with shoot me a private message and we can talk! thanks for reading.

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Don't go with an archer. If you've never played an archer before they'll just eat you alive and you'll rage quit the server. To be able to play an archer on a server like this, you need some experience with the class. By a server like this, I mean level 83 cap and players with a lot of items. People often slides to archers and you need to be able to deal with them which requires an incredible amount of practice. One last thing about this, archer combo here is not fluent, it often bugs itself with w combo with minor.  Go with a warrior. Passion is fairly easy to learn and to be able to vs with it you just need a couple of tricks. Just watch some 2v2 and 8v8 pk videos of good warrior players. There are some videos posted on this forums. Good luck man :D

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