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7 hours ago, MERET said:

It is a translation. By the way, I strongly disagree !

Many clan want admin to open new server(or reset) and they are sick of waste servers. We anticipate it about 23-24 clan. We don’t wanna start here reason of not coming ApexKO, that is to say reason of being long-standing, having more points and elit items. We can’t touch old school players. They’d rather play USKO than labour ApexKO. In my view, they’re right. In my opinion, admin can generate 2nd server.  Thus, new players or players who begin there can start 2nd server. Also, players who be against for that can play 1nd server. Or admin can reset database.

No one start here under these condition no matter what admin does. In brief, everybody knows there is no server such a quality. I tried to resume or make a new start for ppl but they left here within a week because of points and elit items. There is no problem for me because I have already full geared character in game.


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21 minutes ago, BulletClub said:

too bad it's not happening lol. nps are pretty low. only big one is tuke.

you get border symbols around 800k. thats 2-3 months of pk.

need new server or second new server!

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