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No Timer for Events


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I don't know if it's a bug for me or an option that i've disabled but i don't get the timers on events since yesterday. I'd say it's just an option disabled on my client but since they don't show up on my laptop too, which i only use for merchant with a different account, i'd say it's a problem on the server side, i don't know. Everyone else seems to have it on, that's why i'm starting the topic on the Support section. Any help would be appriciated. Thank you.

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This has been somewhat fixed in the next patch.

The problem as-is, is the minimised icon will disappear as it thinks it's trying to open the UI. But that part of it doesn't work because there's multiple UIs for it, and it doesn't implement the correct logic for it.

Ideally I'd correct this so that it works as intended (it "restores" the UI so you see the new event prompting for you to signup), but for now the best I can do is stop it from hiding the icon. Because when it's minimised... and you lose the icon to restore it, it's not recoverable until you relog.

So it'll stay minimised until you restore it yourself. As opposed to breaking completely.

Additionally I'll probably add in notices announcing events are in the signup phase so you can know that they're actually up and you should restore it. 

Not ideal, but an improvement. :)

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